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Combat Testbed 1.3 HOT
Date 2014-09-08 Language  English System  Windows File Size 23.07 MB Download 1,764 Download


  • This is the combat testbed, essentially a prototype for a small section of the combat. Only one weapon, no injury simulation, no event viewer, etc.
  • Nothing is finalised, everything is flexible and open to suggestion.
  • Apologies to colour blind people, I'll do my best to rectify the issues ASAP after initial release.
  • There are many issues, there is minimal polish, and the "feel" is certainly not where it needs to be.
  • LAN multi-play (up to 8 player) works but is of poor quality, reliability, and optimisation.
  • An AI bot to play against in single player.

The Combat Testbed is the product of the last few months work. It's a proof of concept for some of the most basic combat elements. There are two aims with this:

  1. To share progress with people, and to hopefully offer some entertainment.
  2. To get feedback on the combat system in general allowing us to make it as good as we can before integrating everything (AI, injury simulation, etc.) into a proper game


Multiplayer may work over the internet, I don't know, it hasn't been tested. Certainly works on LAN though, but you can also play LAN over the internet using programs similar to Hamachi: Hamachi


Third person
Third person



First person
First person



Arena map
Arena map



Dynamic auto blocking
Dynamic auto blocking



Component based damage
Component based damage



Stabbing another player
Stabbing another player




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Latest News

  • New quick status page

    See it here: Status

    I am really bad at keeping the blog up to date, and my plans have to change fairly frequently due to personal, professional, resource, and industry situation changes. This page is an attempt to have something that is quick enough to update that I am able to do it regularly. It also has very little information, so I don't have to worry about my confidence in prediction, or sharing things that are not ready. Every project that has been started will have an entry here that clearly states my current assessment of its status.

    {jcomments on}

  • New plans

    I think it's about time to talk about some longer term plans again. I've posted a bit about the current work on the ranged weapon interaction system, and also a bit on the HoO collaboration, but it's been a while since I said anything relating to our primary game ambitions.

    We have some new plans, but it's nothing drastic. The previous plan was to develop Hunter's Moon (the werewolves) and then using all the tech it used to build a general purpose combat simulator (GPCS, as yet unnamed). That plan heavily depended on having a year or so of solid full time development; probably funded through a kickstarter.

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  • A sign of things to come

    With the musket and pistol kindly provided by the hearts of oak team all attention now focuses on the ranged weapon interaction system!

    I am super excited about this, and I think everyone will love what I've come up with.

    Time-scales are fuzzy, but hopefully not as long as it took to put the AI in place last year.

  • Colaboration with the Hearts of Oak team

    This is a big announcement that should have been made a while ago, but now that the AI is implemented on the combat testbed it can't wait.

    A few months ago I approached the lead developers for the Hearts of Oak project with a proposal for collaboration. Basically to provide our combat engine to them in return for publicity, assets, and the joy of contributing to such an important piece of work.

    A summary of the agreement is as follows:


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  • Combat Testbed Updated to 1.3

    Big update with the addition of an AI bot to play against in single player! This is the first pass on the combat AI, a very important milestone.

    Full changelog:

    1.3 - 2015-01-03
    Added an AI bot for single player
        Added as a variety of the orange arena, in addition to empty, and one with training props as before
    Cosmetic improvements
        Added body tilt/lean during turning
        Made players collide again

    Get it here: Combat Testbed