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Hunter's Moon

The idea behind Hunter’s Moon (HM) has long history. Werewolves have been a fasciation of mine (I, Hugo Hall aka. Foamy) for almost as long as I can remember. I don’t know the initial reason but the thought of werewolves out there in the dark, just out of sight, terrorized me throughout childhood. As I grew older the fear developed into fascination and creative obsession, I consumed any werewolf related media I could find, and even began writing a book about them with a close friend in my early teens. Around the same time I started gaining interest in the 17th and 18th centuries, with a heavy focus on colonial and naval matters.

I’ve also always been a very heavy daydreamer, building worlds at any opportunity. Werewolves and the 18th century were a perfect match, and I spent weeks playing with this new combination. Eventually the idea was so well developed I couldn’t stand to do nothing with it; I considered a book, then a film script, and then a game. I had no technical ability to make a complete game at that point, but fortunately I did have Dwarf Fortress. I built a mod, which was remarkably successful considering there was almost no functional werewolf game-play. DF was good, but at that time it simply did not support half the functionality I needed to realise my ideas and as I had started university to study robotics, I didn’t have the time to spare anyway.

Then one night in January 2013 as I was half way through my placement year, in a technically but not creatively challenging position, inspiration came. I loved Dwarf Fortress, especially the super realistic combat/injury simulation, but I’d really wanted that same experience in real time and in 3D for quite a while. That evening I realised how that dream could be implemented (see the main HM page for details on the mechanics). With the combat engine idea formed, the next step was considering what context to put it in, Hunter’s Moon was an obvious choice.

From there I spent my vacation days learning Unity, C#, and everything else about game design. I quickly had enough proofs of concept to decide to push the idea to the finish. Every step since that time has brought the project close to completion.

AI Testbed

Almost every major bit of tech needed for Hunter’s Moon had a prototype by September of 2013, the key exception being the AI. All that we knew is that we wanted it to be advanced, and that theoretically an advanced AI system would be possible within Unity. I (Foamy) was just about to start the final year of my robotics degree at university, this had a lot of potential to bring development to a complete halt for 6 months. So the idea was for me to somehow convince my supervisor that developing a game AI system was a viable final year project, it worked and with only a few deviations from what I would do if I was developing it purely for HM.

The plan was to develop a greatly simplified version of the HM hunting mechanics that didn’t depend on any of the main game, and that put the focus on the AI. Many papers and a few books were read, and I had a plan for the AI architecture, and how the academic value the result would have. The project is ongoing, and all is looking good so far, the project will be finished in April 2014, but more development will probably be needed to make it do everything HM requires. You can read about the technical details on the main AI Testbed page.

The Gentlemen of Misadventure as an organisation really began when Rich (Overlord), I (Foamy), and another great friend of mine started up a gaming clan/club together. We wanted a nice closely knit, small scale, relaxed, and flexible community to play with. We made a website, the first iteration of the logo, and then my second year of university started to hit hard. None of us had the time to dedicate to the group any more, and then, tragically, events transpired that lost Rich and I the third member of the group. The Gentlemen of Misadventure gaming club had died.

When the idea for Hunter’s Moon struck me and I started taking it seriously I realised I needed a team to pull it off. My top priority was finding a 3D artist to do the modelling and the animations, Rich fit that perfectly. It didn’t take long to convince him, and we soon decided to name our fledgling studio The Gentlemen of Misadventure!

Since then we temporarily gained a third member (Emanuel aka. Axilus), who was forced to leave the team for personal finance reasons. I am based in Bristol UK, while Rich is in Slovakia. I handle the code and general development while Rich does 3D art. We’re currently looking for a second developer and another 3D artist to complete the team.

Hunter's Moon

For details and all the latest news on Hunter's Moon development:

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AI Testbed

For details and all the latest news on Foamy's AI Testbed development:

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GOM News

For all the latest news on the studio.

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Foamy's Blog

To see recent news from Foamy, the lead developer for Hunter's Moon and the AI Testbed.

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Latest News

  • New quick status page

    See it here: Status

    I am really bad at keeping the blog up to date, and my plans have to change fairly frequently due to personal, professional, resource, and industry situation changes. This page is an attempt to have something that is quick enough to update that I am able to do it regularly. It also has very little information, so I don't have to worry about my confidence in prediction, or sharing things that are not ready. Every project that has been started will have an entry here that clearly states my current assessment of its status.

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  • New plans

    I think it's about time to talk about some longer term plans again. I've posted a bit about the current work on the ranged weapon interaction system, and also a bit on the HoO collaboration, but it's been a while since I said anything relating to our primary game ambitions.

    We have some new plans, but it's nothing drastic. The previous plan was to develop Hunter's Moon (the werewolves) and then using all the tech it used to build a general purpose combat simulator (GPCS, as yet unnamed). That plan heavily depended on having a year or so of solid full time development; probably funded through a kickstarter.

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  • A sign of things to come

    With the musket and pistol kindly provided by the hearts of oak team all attention now focuses on the ranged weapon interaction system!

    I am super excited about this, and I think everyone will love what I've come up with.

    Time-scales are fuzzy, but hopefully not as long as it took to put the AI in place last year.

  • Colaboration with the Hearts of Oak team

    This is a big announcement that should have been made a while ago, but now that the AI is implemented on the combat testbed it can't wait.

    A few months ago I approached the lead developers for the Hearts of Oak project with a proposal for collaboration. Basically to provide our combat engine to them in return for publicity, assets, and the joy of contributing to such an important piece of work.

    A summary of the agreement is as follows:


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  • Combat Testbed Updated to 1.3

    Big update with the addition of an AI bot to play against in single player! This is the first pass on the combat AI, a very important milestone.

    Full changelog:

    1.3 - 2015-01-03
    Added an AI bot for single player
        Added as a variety of the orange arena, in addition to empty, and one with training props as before
    Cosmetic improvements
        Added body tilt/lean during turning
        Made players collide again

    Get it here: Combat Testbed